About us - ZTS TEES VOS a.s.

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About the company:
ZTS TEES VOS is the join stock company and was established in 1997. Originally it used to be a part of the former concern ZTS TEES MARTIN.
ZTS TEES VOS has become one of the best local engineering companies during its almost 30 years independent existence.

The main sphere of business is a production of the assembled configurations with various numbers of parts accordingly to the technical documentation delivered by customers. The company owns the proper technology placed on the production area of 3600 m². The technology provides the possibility to machine the large sized objects as well. (Max. sizes: 5000 x 2500 x 2000 mm, the mass up to 10 tons). The achievable precision is IT7. The welding workshop is equipped with modern welding technology.

Industrial production with the focus on production of individual parts and precast compositions according to supplied drawing documentation and specifications of the customer.
Production of the spare parts into the tool machines and technique devices.

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